The Restitutions Committee only advises in the case of works from the Dutch National Art Collection at the request of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW). The Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) deals with restitution applications on behalf of the Minister of OCW. 

You can submit your restitution application by letter to the RCE.

Send your letter to:

The Minister of OCW
Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency
P.O. Box 1600
3800 BP Amersfoort

In your letter you need to specify:

-      the work of art concerned (at least the title, maker and its current location or inventory number,
       preferably also a description);

-      who lost possession of the work of art involuntarily during the Nazi regime;

-      your connection (according to the law of inheritance) to this person.

If you have yourself represented, your authorized representative must submit a power of attorney unless your authorized representative is a lawyer registered in the Netherlands. The RCE checks whether the work of art is indeed part of the Dutch National Art Collection. If it is, and if the application comes within the scope of the policy, the RCE lays the application before the Restitutions Committee on behalf of the Minister of OCW.