One of the Committee’s tasks is to advise the Minister of Education, Culture and Science on individual applications for the restitution of works from the Dutch State Collection.

A special part of the Dutch State Collection is the Netherlands Art Property Collection, or so-called NK collection.

Many works of art that ended up in Germany during the Second World War were returned to their country of origin after the liberation and entrusted to national governments. Some of the items of cultural value that were not returned after the war were auctioned off in the 1950s. Along with other works of art with a ‘war-related provenance’, the remaining works of art were brought together in what is called the Netherlands Art Property Collection (NK collection), as part of the Dutch State Collection. At present, the NK collection comprises around 3,800 works of art. Custodian of the collection is the Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands.

The Origins Unknown Agency has investigated the provenance of the individual works of art in the NK collection. The results of these investigations can be consulted online.

Claims on works from the Dutch State Collection are assessed on standards of reasonableness and fairness.