Press releases
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Annual reports

Every year, the Committee publishes an annual report in which it summarises the activities it has performed in that year. The annual reports published to date can be downloaded below as PDF files. If you wish to receive a hard copy of any annual report or wish to be placed on the mailing list for the next annual report, please contact the secretariat. 

2002 Report (PDF file)
If you would like to know more about the Restitutions Committee’s history or working methods, you can download our 2002 Report in PDF format. This annual report contains documents from the Dutch Lower House about the establishment of the Committee, as well as information about the five cases that the Committee dealt with in 2002. The appendices include such things as the text of the Decree establishing the Restitutions Committee and the text of the recommendations.

2003 Report (PDF file)
This annual report includes explanatory notes on the seven cases on which the Restitutions Committee issued advice in 2003. The appendices include the texts of the recommendations, the Ekkart Committee’s recommendations on the art trade and the government’s response to this.

2004 Report (PDF file)
In addition to the cases on which the Committee issued advice, this report provides information on the (re)appointment of the members of the Restitutions Committee and an explanation of the Ekkart Committee’s final recommendations. The appendices include the texts of the recommendations, of the (re)appointment decision, the Ekkart Committee’s final recommendations and a few media reports.

2005 Report (PDF file)
The 2005 report includes a discussion of the six cases on which the Committee issued recommendations in 2005. In connection with this, a summary of the Goudstikker case is given from page 33 onwards.

2006 Report (PDF file)
Apart from the usual discussion of the recommendations issued by the Committee - twelve in total in 2006 - the 2006 Annual Report also contains information about the Committee’s procedure and developments in the field of restitutions in 2006.

2007 Report (PDF file)

2008 Report (PDF file) 

2009 Report (PDF file)

2010 Report (PDF file)

2011 Report (PDF file)

2012 Report (PDF file)

2013 Report (PDF file)

2015 Report (PDF file)

2016 Report (PDF file)

2017 Report (PDF file)

Other publications

·         Decree establishing the Restitutions Committee, 16 November 2001 (PDF file)

·         Restitution policy update, 22 June 2012

·         Amendment of Decree establishing the Restitutions Committee, 4 July 2012

·         Regulations for binding opinion cases can be found here.